30 May 2014

E-tripe will boost sales amongst younger people

Sir Norman relaxing with an E-tripe yesterday
Following extensive trials in Lancashire and parts of Cheshire and the Wirral, the Tripe Marketing Board has approved the launch of E-tripe - an electronic device to dispense vapourised tripe. 

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle praised head of product development John Murray and said he had no doubt that E-tripe would help the TMB make huge inroads into the vital under 85 market in the UK.

Speaking at a press conference in Chorley yesterday, Sir Norman said: "I have tried these new E-tripes myself and I was surprised how pleasant they tasted.   Finding a product which can dispense tripe with none of the texture, flavour, odour or appearance normally associated with it has long been the Holy Grail of tripe retailers.  It looks like we've finally found it!"

Sir Norman said that e-tripe could appear on shelves as soon as autumn 2014, once a final decision had been made on branding and packaging.   He went on "Obviously, it will help with sales if we don't include the word 'tripe' in the name." 

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