2 May 2014

Scottish Tripe 'guilty of fundamental error' says TMB chairman

TMB chairman has accused Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) of making a huge error of judgement by publishing graphic images of tripe processing on the internet.

The images - most of which are too disturbing to republish here - show tripe in its unprocessed form.  They are freely available on the QMS website, which includes detailed instructions for the industrial preparation of tripe.

QMS 'Fact Sheet'
Speaking at a meeting of the Bolton Soroptomists last night, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle apologised on behalf of the tripe industry when he learned that one member's 13 year old grandson had been severely traumatised after stumbling on the images while researching a school project.

Sir Norman said: "We're not in the business of terrifying young lads. I think QMS are guilty of making a fundamental error of judgement by publishing these images. In our experience south of the border, it's much better to use images of cows grazing languidly in a field, or people tucking into a nice plate of tripe and onions."

Sir Norman said the industry had a responsibility to promote tripe in a positive  way. "Graphic images of the unprocessed insides of a cow don't help.  Generations of tripe dressers - who are trained to bleach, clean and prepare tripe to make it publicly presentable - could have told QMS that," he said, promising he would be writing a strongly-worded letter to Scottish Tripe.

Sir Norman went on to say that the Scottish project had cost in the region of £300,000 and contrasted it with the TMB's own 'modest' budget which had done much more to promote tripe in the same period.

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