16 May 2014

TMB aknowledges failures in marketing strategy

The Tripe Marketing Board is to pay out £1,200 to some of its customers following an investigation into mis-selling by the industry regulator.  OffOffal said it was the largest penalty paid to date by a meat-based marketing board, and it followed an investigation which unearthed "extensive poor sales practices" amongst staff selling on the doorstep and via social networking sites.
The TMB has apologised to its customers and has promised to pay compensation to anyone who was mis-sold tripe.

Sir Norman Wrassle
TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I am personally absolutely devastated by this, and I'm sure my colleagues across the country are equally devastated".  He told Lancashire Radio that he took full responsibility for the failings, but said he would not be resigning as a result. However he said his bonus for the year to 2014 would be cut by "around 2%".

OffOffal says the mis-selling took place over a two year period, between December 2012 and December 2013.  Some customers were apparently misled by sales staff into thinking tripe was a form of fish and some may have been given the impression that tripe was easy to cook and odourless.

The TMB has now stopped all cold-calling by telephone as well.  It is thought that almost 200 customers have been affected by the mis-selling, representing over 90% of all tripe consumers in the UK.

Sir Norman promised a 'root and branch' review of the TMB's marketing strategy.  "I'm particularly sorry if we have offended any vegetarians by aggressively targeting them with our sales techniques.  I'm not so worried about the vegans - they get what they deserve," he said.

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