18 May 2014

TMB apologises for using sex to promote tripe

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today apologised for any offence caused by the recent coverage of  'tripe smoothies' in the media.

Tripe in the 1950s
Speaking at a meeting of the Parbold Methodist Circle, he said: "I know some people will have been alarmed when they opened their Sunday papers this morning to see the coverage of the Hyde tripe retailer who has developed the tripe smoothie as a way to promote sales.  In particular, they may have taken offence at the suggestion that tripe can enhance the libido."

The claim originates from an internet reference that Sir Norman said was "completely unverifiable,"  but which had lodged itself in the public's consciousness thanks to sloppy journalism.

Sir Norman went on to say: "We have a long tradition of promoting the benefits of tripe in a discrete way.  We're not really in the business of using sex to sell our product - not at the moment, anyway."

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