28 May 2014

Tripe is appealling

The Tripe Marketing Board has asked its supporters to dig deep to help it fund its sponsorship of Blackpool South FC for the 2014-15 season.

Sir Norman Wrassle
For less than the price of a kilo of tripe in a fancy London butcher's you can help us by purchasing a copy of the TMB's first publication Forgotten Lancashire - now just £5.49 from this link!

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "We've come up with this deal as we need to raise enough cash to renew our sponsorship arrangement with Blackpool.   They're a fine bunch of lads and we'd like to see them build on their debut in the Blackpool & District Youth League."

Sir Norman explained that the TMB's sponsorship coffers were running low, but that tripe lovers could help by buying the TMB's publications:  "The days when we could rely on grants from the EEC or East Lancashire District Council are long gone.  Our only source of income is through the sales generated by our publishing division."

Blackpool South FC
If you'd rather help by purchasing a Kindle version of Forgotten Lancashire, then £3 per copy will go straight toward our sponsorship fund.  Alternatively, you can make a donation by visiting this page.  Every penny helps, and every penny will go to Blackpool South FC.

Last year's sponsorship took the media by surprise, garnering coverage all over the world and in the Blackpool Gazette.  Sir Norman said: "We'd love to sponsor them for the 2014-15 season. I'd hate to see British Spleen steal a march on us - or even worse, the vegans."

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