21 May 2014

Tripe Wrap trials to start in Bolton

Trials of a new fast-food experience - the Tripe Wrap - will begin this week in Bolton, as the Tripe Marketing Board seeks new ways to persuade people to eat tripe.

The Tripe Wrap - a sheet of white tripe wrapped around a choice of hot and cold fillings - offers customers a quick, portable and nutricious gastronomic experience and will be available in a small number of selected outlets as the trial is rolled out.

The TMB's head of product development Mr John Murray, said: "We have high hopes that the Tripe Wrap will help us break into the lucrative 18 - 35 year old market."

Initially, the wraps will come with a choice of hot or cold mashed potato and onions, but further fillings are planned if the trial is a success.

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