20 June 2014

British tripe must learn lessons from Brazil

Sir Norman Wrassle
Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle says the British tripe industry has "a lot to learn" from its South American counterparts and promised he would be applying the lessons of his fact-finding trip to Brazil on "day one" of his return to Lancashire.

Speaking from Sau Paulo late last night, Sir Norman said: "I want to thank my colleagues at the Brazil Beef Corporation for their hospitality during my brief visit to their country. I've seen lots of tripe here, especially during my visits to Manaus at the weekend.  We've certainly got a lot to learn when it comes to putting tripe back onto the tables of Britain."

Sir Norman's itinerary continues tonight with a private reception organised by local tripe retailers in Recife. "You wouldn't believe some of the distances I've travelled in my quest to promote British tripe in the last week, but I'm looking forward to my return to the UK at the weekend," Sir Norman said.

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