13 June 2014

Free TRIPE magazine distribution suspended

Picture courtesy of Darwen Argus
Plans by the Tripe Marketing Board to distribute free copies of TRIPE magazine to 2,000 households in East Lancashire have been 'put on hold' after Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was pictured quoting from a copy at a meeting of vegans in Somerset earlier today.

Mr Clegg was using the publication to challenge vegans to drop what he called "the dour face of veganism" and to adopt the strategy of the Tripe Marketing Board, which he said was slowly converting vegetarians and now had vegans firmly in their sight.  He pointed to the TMB's use of humour as a weapon and said he thought vegans had a lot to learn.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle learned of Mr Clegg's remarks at lunchtime and immediately called a halt to the TMB's plans to post free copies of TRIPE to selected homes in Blackburn.  Speaking from Rio de Janeiro airport, where he is en route to Manaus as a guest of the Brazil Beef Corporation, Sir Norman said: "I don't want to risk people burning this magazine in the street or sending it back to us at our cost, so it's probably best if we delay this campaign for a few weeks to let the dust settle."

TMB head of promotions Mr Ron Champagne said he was disappointed that the campaign was being postponed. "TRIPE is normally only read by a few dozen people working in the tripe preparation and retail sector, but we thought we'd gauge the interest of the ordinary man in the street.  Once they see it in Mr Clegg's hands, though, we doubt they'll be interested."

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