18 June 2014

TMB 'Hands Across the Pennines' Campaign launched

Today sees the launch of the Tripe Marketing Board's Hands Across the Pennines campaign in an attempt to reach out to Yorkshire tripe lovers who have for many years complained of being abandoned by tripe.

Ossett Town Hall
The campaign, which will use the social media and more traditional promotions such as adverts at bus stops and stickers on traffic lights at key junctions, kicks off in the town of Ossett, close to Wakefield.

"The TMB has sometimes been accused of being overly-focused on Lancashire but our strategy has always been to re-conquer the heartlands first and foremost.  Now that we are secure in the county that gave Britain tripe, we are confident of crossing the Pennines," chief executive Bryan Atkinson told a press conference yesterday.

Mr Atkinson said Ossett was chosen because it was located in the so-called 'Tripe Triangle' bordered by Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Wakefield and the town contained many residents in the key 65-74 demographic.  "As we reach out to a younger consumer, places like Ossett will be key to our strategy," Mr Atkinson said.

The TMB's message will focus on two main themes: 'Come back to tripe: we never really went away' and 'Be More Cow'.

Last year, the TMB made a lightening visit to Goole in what proved to be a successful attempt to persuade local MP Andrew Percy to give tripe a try, and Mr Atkinson said he had no doubt at all that  the people of West Yorkshire could be persuaded to return to tripe.  The campaign will be overseen by Mr John Murray, the TMB's head of product development and Mel Wilson, regional director for areas south of Cheshire, both of whom were born and bred in Yorkshire.  They will be temporarily seconded to their new roles.

Although no decision has yet been reached, it is understood that the TMB board will be asked to consider  Ossett as a potential host for World Tripe Day 2014 celebrations in October.

Speaking from Belo Horizonte, where he was the guest of Belgian Tripe yesterday, Sir Norman Wrassle said: "It's time for the TMB to demonstrate we aren't just about reviving tripe in Lancaashire.  I understand there are plenty of beautiful places in Yorkshire just waiting for the warm embrace of tripe and our campaign begins in earnest today, in Ossett."

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