19 June 2014

TMB reveals new Yorkshire poster campaign

The Tripe Marketing Board's Yorkshire sales initiative started in Ossett earlier today with the unveiling of a new poster aimed at the county's housewives.

The TMB's promotional van in Ossett, near Wakefield, today
Over the next fortnight, the van will tour towns and villages within a 2 mile radius of Wakefield offering free samples of tripe to local people, in an effort to re-kindle a love for tripe that is generations old.

The TMB's head of promotions Mr Ron Champagne said private polling revealed that many people thought tripe was a foodstuff which had all but vanished from many part of Yorkshire, and the campaign was designed to remind people that tripe never really went away.

"Tripe is everywhere - you've just got to look a bit harder for it these days," Mr Champagne said.

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