11 June 2014

TMB to review Twitter campaign

Sir Norman Wrassle
The Tripe Marketing Board is to undertake an urgent review of its social media strategy after a study by independent media analysts Boogle Johanson Swift revealed fundamental weaknesses in how tripe was being perceived by users of Twitter.

The study suggests that fewer than 0.2% of the 4,200 followers of the TMB's @TripeUK had ever eaten tripe and, of these, fewer than a quarter  would eat it again.

Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle called the figures "disappointing" and promised a root-and-branch review of how the TMB engaged with the social media.  "These figures - if they are correct - suggest we are missing the target by a wide margin and might begin to explain why tripe consumption continues to fall despite our improved showing on Twitter and Facebox," he told a meeting of tripe retailers in Preston yesterday.

The study also examined sales of the TMB's publishing division, launched in 2012 to promote tripe in unusual and inventive ways - often subliminally.  Sir Norman called the figures "disappointing" but said the market for humorous history books was uncharted territory for the TMB.  "It's too early to tell if people are reading these books, but my chauffeur claims to have seen someone leafing through a copy of The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock in the Preston branch of WH Smith, so there is hope yet," he said.

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