14 June 2014

TMB YouTube video 'goes viral'

A promotional video produced by the Tripe Marketing Board has taken the internet by storm, notching up over 1700 views since it was first uploaded on YouTube less than two years ago.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was "stunned" at the figures, but said it was testimony to the success of the TMB's use of the social media to promote tripe.

"We may not have the audience of someone like Psy or Justine Bieber, but in offal terms, this video is proving to be something of a hit!" Sir Norman said.  He was speaking at a Brazil Beef Corporation reception for world offal producers held in Manaus this afternoon.

Sir Norman was applauded when he told guests that the TMB was unique amongst meat marketing agencies represented on Twitter  in attracting support not only from tripe lovers but also from vegetarians, vegans and dogs.   He said the TMB would be encouraging more UK tripe retailers to embrace the social media, and he pointed to the success of @LetsTripe and @thetripeshop as examples to be followed.

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