2 June 2014

Tripe now "firmly established" on social media

Tripe is now firmly rooted in every aspect of the social media and the Tripe Marketing Board is well placed to move forward in its quest to make 2015 the Year of Tripe, chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told a gathering of key staff and board members today.

Sir Norman was speaking at an impromptu meeting in Preston, called to celebrate the TMB attracting its 4000th "follower" on Twitter.  The milestone meant that @TripeUK was now officially the most popular offal-based Twitter account in Europe.

According to an analysis by the TMB's communications office, tripe has now overtaken every other offal account - including the Spleen Council's (@BritishSpleen).

Sir Norman Wrassle
The full figures as of 3pm this afternoon were:

@BritishSpleen  3984
@WeHeartHeart (UK Heart Council) 458
@HmmmmLiver 2569
@TripeUK  4007
@EuroIntestine 3583

The figures are all the more remarkable as it is known that over 20% of @TripeUK's followers are vegetarian.  More recently, a number of vegans - traditionally the most hostile towards tripe - have begun to follow the TMB account.

Sir Norman said: "It's a proud day for British tripe. We're firmly established not just on Twitter, but on other platforms such as Facebox and Instagran. We've even got our own YouTube channel, which is more than can be said for our colleagues in British Liver!"

He went on to say: "I'll be the first to admit that I was sceptical about our prospects in the social media when we launched our campaign two years ago.  But you can't argue with the figures, and I've today authorised the recruitment of further interns to strengthen our presence."

Jurt Gonsvig, operations director at the European Office of Tripe Consumption, extended his congratulations to the TMB during a flying visit to Preston earlier today. "The Tripe Marketing Board is certainly leading the way in using the social media to promote its product. It's possibly too early to say what the effect of this will be on sales of offal in the UK, but we will monitor consumption carefully and share any lessons with other producers," Mr Gonsvig said.

 Sir Norman said he was "delighted" that more and more people were Choosing Tripe.  He told a representative of the Chorley Examiner: "Tripe and Twitter - it's a marriage made in heaven!"



  1. What UKiperous nonsense! @Harashotumye (Bulgarian Boar-appendices)has 97, 053 followers while @Essenarse-bundesgob logs over 800, 000 followers (or "pinkshirts"). Check your facts before relaying Farrago-inspired data. One might declaim "Tripe!", sirrah, were it not for the Fatwa on puns

  2. I feel I must dispute my previous comment; where are the references to these alleged data? Do they even exist? Though I do concur on the notion of UKip being a Farragist farrago, fatwa or no.