1 June 2014

Tripe sales down

UK first quarter 2014 tripe sales figures were described as "disappointing but encouraging" by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle yesterday.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Sir Norman said: "Although sales have again fallen, which is of course somewhat disappointing, the rate of decline continues to slow and this must be seen as encouraging."

This is the 226th successive quarterly fall in tripe sales, which Sir Norman attributed to an over-exposure of tripe in the media.  

Tripe had featured in a number of TV cookery programmes over the last three months and analysis by the TMB concluded that this had harmed sales.  Sir Norman explained that tripe wasn't the best looking meat on the butcher's block and that the TMB would be looking for more radio coverage in the months ahead:  "The less people know what tripe looks like, the more we have a chance of piquing their interest," he said.

The TMB's forthcoming World Cup Tripe recipe campaign could be key to reversing the trend.   "I'm increasingly optimistic that we're going to turn the corner," Sir Norman said.

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