1 June 2014

World Cup can boost tripe sales

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has called on tripe retailers to use the forthcoming World Cup to increase sales of tripe.

Speaking at last night's gala dinner of the Morecambe Women's Circle, he described World Cup 2014 as a "once in a liftetime opportunity to promote tripe" and said he expected sales to rise during the tournament.

"The last five decades have been a difficult time for tripe.  But the World Cup is traditionally a time when people take an interest in the cultures of different nations.  Thousands of Britons will be traveling to South America to follow the team.  We hope they'll be coming back with their jaded appetites refreshed by the taste of tripe in Brazil and that they'll want to encourage their wives to experiment," Sir Norman said.

The TMB would be circulating special 'World Cup Recipe' cards to its retailers, starting with one for Dobradinha, a popular tripe dish from Brazil.

Sir Norman told his audience: "Since it's such a difficult word to pronounce,  if they just ask for a Brazilian our retailers will sort them out."

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