2 July 2014

2nd Quarter Tripe Sales "Encouraging"

Sir Norman Wrassle
UK second quarter 2014 tripe sales figures were described as "disappointing but encouraging" by Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle yesterday.
Sir Norman welcomed the fact that, although sales had once again fallen, the rate of decline had continued to slow - a fact he put down to the TMB's World Cup 2014 advertising campaign, renewed media interest in tripe and a seasonal increase in the number of puppies being born.

This is the 227th successive quarterly fall in tripe sales, which Sir Norman said only served to underline the need to properly market tripe.  "If ever there was a need for a Tripe Marketing Board, then these figures show it," he told the annual meeting of the Lytham Soroptomists, where he was again guest of honour.

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  1. I have had to learn a new word to understand this article. I'm not entirely comfortable with newness, but was comforted to learn the Soroptimists started in the 1920's. So that's OK I suppose.