21 July 2014

TMB Announcement

A delegation from the Tripe Marketing Board will shortly be visiting Crete as part of a fact-finding mission designed to ensure that the British tripe industry is well-equipped to face the economic challenges ahead.

As most of the communications team will be part of this mission, we regret that Tripe Industry News will not be updated for the next week or so.  Retailers and customers seeking the latest tripe developments can find these here.

Head of Product Development at the Greek Tripe Board, Mr Christos Chrysoula, said: "A warm welcome awaits our British friends as they  prepare to journey to the beautiful island of Crete.  Here, I can promise them plenty of sun, ouzo and trips to some of the largest abattoirs on the island."

The new-look @TripeUK Twitter account
Sir Norman Wrassle, speaking from his Lytham home prior to departure, said: "Despite the criticisms leveled against the TMB, no one can accuse us of resting on our laurels. We are more determined than ever to collect as many facts as possible about tripe in Crete.  It can only be good for the future development of the British tripe industry".

The TMB's Twitter account, @TripeUK, has been temporarily re-branded as TripeGoesToCrete with the full approval of OffOffal, the industry regulator. "After the problems we had with our VisitValencia! re-brand a week or so ago, we thought it best to get them on side first," Sir Norman said.

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