16 July 2014

TMB Apology

An investigation into the Tripe Marketing Board's use of the social media by the industry regulator   has decided that the TMB was guilty of only minor violations of the industry code of conduct, OffOffal announced this morning. 

The investigation was triggered after the TMB's Twitter account was temporarily re-branded as WeLoveOssett in June 2014.

Responding to the findings, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said:  "I never had any doubts that our social media strategy would be vindicated.  I can only surmise that the initial referral to OffOffal was by one of our competitor agencies such as British Spleen who are jealous of our success in using Facebox and Twitter to promote tripe."

A spokesman for OffOffal said: "We have warned the TMB to refrain from using its account to impersonate West Yorkshire towns - including, but not restricted to, Ossett.  We have also asked them to tone down their abuse of vegans and to reduce the number of pictures of raw tripe that are posted before the 9.30am breakfast watershed."

Sir Norman also apologised for changing the Twitter account name to VisitValencia! during the TMB's recent fact-finding trip to Spain.  "This was the action of a rogue member of our communications team and they have been duly censured.  I'm sorry for the many Valencian-based companies and individuals who followed us over the course of last week and who may have been confused by the frequent references to tripe and the World Cup,"  he said.

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