30 July 2014

TMB chairman hails 'great success' of Crete fact-finding trip

The Tripe Marketing Board's recent delegation to Crete has been applauded by chairman Sir Norman Wrassle at a debriefing session held in Preston earlier today.

Promoting tripe at Sofia's Taverna in Plakias, Crete
Sir Norman said: "Although it's fair to say tripe is not as popular in Crete as we had thought before we visited the island, we were able to do a little promotion for our product while we were there".

A full dossier of tripe facts about Crete is being prepared and will be presented to the board early next month. 

Sir Norman paid tribute to his host during the trip, Mr Christos Chrysoula of the Greek Tripe Board.  "Mr Chrysoula arranged a full programme of visits for our six-strong delegation to butchers, abattoirs and restaurants and, whilst tripe didn't feature as prominently on menus as we had hoped, we had full and frank discussions about Greek Tripe's future use of the social media to promote sales."

A key finding from the mission was that tripe is considered a seasonal dish in most of Greece, being associated with winter or Easter celebrations.  "We have not ruled out a return to Crete next Easter as part of our on-going fact-finding exercise," Sir Norman said.

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