21 July 2014

TMB 'not wasting money' says TMB Chairman

Critics who have claimed that the Tripe Marketing Board is "squandering tax-payers money" have been dismissed by TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle as ill-informed and living in the past.

Sir Norman was responding to an article in the latest edition of Offal Monthly which suggested that a recent programme of fact-finding tours was a waste of the TMBs budget as there was little to discover about tripe that is not already known.

Sir Norman Wrassle
In an exclusive interview due to be published by the Hyndburn Argus today, Sir Norman said: "It's arrant nonsense to suggest we are wasting money.  My trip to Brazil last month was as a guest of the country's tripe industry, while our delegation to Valencia a few weeks ago was funded by Spanish Tripe".

"Before these critics open their mouths, they should perhaps consider what it is like to visit an abattoir in temperatures of over 30 degrees.  When we visit Crete later this week our aim is to return with as many facts as we possibly can about the way the Greeks love and use tripe in their day-to-day life," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman was speaking after his visit this weekend to Hoylake in Wirral, where he met with a group of local butchers anxious to discover how tripe could be promoted more effectively to their customers.

The TMB receives no government grant and is funded almost entirely by legacies from deceased former tripe dressers, donations and revenues from its publishing division, TMB Books.

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  1. Well said, sir. I hope that this shameless muckspreading will not prevent Sir Norman from changing his schedule of events. We all look forward to welcoming him as guest speaker at the North Western Offal Appreciation Society AGM, Old Trafford, August 7 to 9.