19 July 2014

Tripe on Verge of New Renaissance

Tripe is on the verge of a new renaissance, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told an audience of industry leaders yesterday.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the West Lancashire Meat Trades Association last night, Sir Norman said there was mounting evidence that tripe was "starting to turn the corner".   He pointed to increasing social engagement and the fact that there was more tripe in the media than ever before and said that he was heartened by the prospects for the rest of the year.

Sir Norman said: "Next week, I shall be leading a small delegation to Crete as part of the TMB's strategy of widening our knowledge base about tripe in other countries.  This mission will help us determine which of our three shortlisted places should host the 2014 celebrations of World Tripe Day later this year."

The shortlist was compiled after extensive fact-finding tours across South America, Europe and the UK and comprises Valencia in Spain, Rethymnon in Crete and Ossett in West Yorkshire.

"I know many people will be surprised at the inclusion of Ossett in the final cut.  But our resident historian, Dr Derek J Ripley, has discovered that a forgotten literary giant - DH Bragg - not only wrote many of his novels there, but also died there.  If Ossett were to win (and it's by no means a foregone conclusion) it would be a fitting tribute to Bragg's work," Sir Norman said.

Little was known about DH Bragg until Dr Ripley began his researches in the archives of the TMB in Preston.  Bragg was responsible for the so-called 'tripe trilogy' of books which he penned in the 1930s, including the critically acclaimed For the Love of Tripe and Tender is the Tripe.   His final book - Last Exit to Ossett - was a semi-autobiographical story of a tripe dresser who is exiled from his Lancashire home to a small, unknown West Yorkshire town.

Dr Ripley said: "I've spent literally hours - perhaps even days - trying to piece together the story of DH Bragg.  If Ossett is indeed chosen to host World Tripe Day, it would be a wonderful way to remember Bragg's writing".

World Tripe Day is commemorated every 24 October and was inaugurated at a meeting held in the Houses of Parliament last year.