7 August 2014

Boris Johnson Must Stand in Wigan says TMB chairman

Tripe Marketing Board chairman has challenged the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to "put his money where his mouth is" after the celebrated game show host announced he would be standing for parliament in the 2015 UK general election.

Celebrated chat show host and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson
At a hastily-convened press conference in Preston last night, Sir Norman said: "On at least four occasions we know about, Mr Johnson has used the word tripe in public to represent something of inferior quality.  We think he's gone a step too far and it's time he put up or shut up".

Sir Norman gave as an example one of Mr Johnson's Daily Telegraph columns which clearly denigrated tripe.

"I would like Mr Johnson to stand as a candidate in the tripe heartland of Wigan. That way, we can show him that you can't mess with tripe and get away with it".

Sir Norman said the Mayor's comments threatened to undermine the TMB's attempts to improve the image of tripe precisely at a time when there were signs it was being rehabilitated.  He once again challenged Mr Johnson  to a public debate, saying: "I am prepared to appear in a discussion with Mr Johnson on a radio show of his choice - although I would prefer BBC Radio Cumbria or Hereford & Worcester, which have both proved to be friendly to tripe in the past."

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