6 August 2014

Mayor Johnson to stand in election

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has condemned today's announcement by Maurice Johnson, Mayor of Lytham that he has decided to stand for the post of chairman at the TMB's next annual General Meeting.

Maurice Johnson pictured outside his home in Lytham.
In a wide-ranging interview on Radio Lytham, the controversial white-haired advocate of fracking said: "I intend to put my hat into the ring at next year's AGM.  It's time the tripe industry was given a choice about its leadership".

Responding to the announcement, Sir Norman said: "The TMB is a democratic organisation and of course people must be free to stand in opposition if they think the direction of the board is wrong.  But I would like to point out that  Mayor Johnson has already been criticised for allegedly making up quotes whilst working as a columnist for the Lytham Telegraph and for a number of illicit affairs with members of the Lytham & St Annes Tuesday Luncheon Club.  And people won't easily forget the controversy in 2012 when he was pictured kicking a donkey on Blackpool beach".

Sir Norman said the proper response to such a challenge would be to redouble his efforts to make 2015 The Year of Tripe and that he would shortly be announcing the TMB's plans to achieve this goal.

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  1. Even down here in Dorset we have heard reports of his shenanigans with the showgirl, the live eel and the tub of lard. Not the sort of figurehead a respectable body would want at the helm I feel sure.