4 August 2014

Regulation is harming tripe sales says TMB

Over-regulation of the UK tripe industry threatens to stifle the potential for increasing tripe sales, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told a meeting of industry leaders in Preston today.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Sir Norman was commenting on the first six months sales figures for tripe, which were issued earlier today by the European Office of Tripe Consumption.  He said: "These results demonstrate the resilience of our business model. Whilst regulatory uncertainty persists, our balance sheet remains strong and our continuing ability to generate capital supports both growth and our progressive dividend policy".

But Sir Norman said the industry was facing challenges from regulatory reforms around the world.
"The demands now being placed on the human capital of the tripe industry and on our operational and systems capabilities are unprecedented," he said.  "The cumulative workload arising from a regulatory reform programme that is unfortunately increasingly fragmented, often extra-territorial, still evolving and still adding definition, is hugely consumptive of resources that would otherwise be customer-facing."

The TMB spends £750 to £800 per year on regulation and compliance at the moment and Sir Norman said "there may be more money that needs to be spent on this area" despite almost getting to the point of a "steady run rate".

Questioned by journalists from the Blackburn & Hynburn Argus afterwards, Sir Norman admitted he wasn't entirely sure what all of that meant, but that his instinct was that tripe was turning a corner, and would soon feature prominently on the dinner tables of Britain.

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