13 August 2014

TMB abandons Tripe Media Initiative

The Tripe Marketing Board announced today that it would be abandoning its attempts to modernise the board's production and archiving methods by using connected digital production and media asset management systems. After a protracted development process lasting eight years and a cumulative spend of almost £300 between  2012 and 2014, the TMB commissioned accountancy firm Young Gifford & Black to carry out an investigation.

Sir Norman Wrassle
At a hearing held this morning,  evidence given by the then chief executive officer Mr Timothy Flaxton-Buoys that the initiative had represented good value for money was dismissed by chairman Sir Norman Wrassle as "worthless at best."

In announcing the cancellation of the Tripe Media Initiative, Sir Norman said: "I think we have been sold a pup with this project. We were promised an all-singing all-dancing media archiving system on the cheap.  It's clear to me now that we need to invest more significantly if we are to draw together our various media management processes."

The TMB's media monitoring unit, set up to provide a rapid rebuttal of negative uses of the word tripe in the media, would be reformed, and Sir Norman said the TMB would be redoubling its efforts to challenge the negative stereotypes surrounding tripe.  "At some point in the future we'll be revisiting the digital archiving issue, at which point we will approach companies better-fitted to deliver this sort of thing".

Mr Henry Wrassle - Mr Flaxton-Buoys' successor as acting chief executive for a brief period - said in evidence to the hearing that he had also been disappointed by the failure of the TPI. "I hope that when the TMB goes out to tender they will look closely at the work of WrassTech, where we have been working to develop precisely the kind of IT systems needed for this kind of work," he said.

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