25 August 2014

TMB lets the dogs out!

The Tripe Marketing Board has today launched its Tripe Dog 2014 contest as part of its autumn campaign to promote tripe.

Speaking at a meeting of the West Lancashire Womens' League on Saturday, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Ever since we took to the social media, we have been promoting the idea that tripe isn't just for dogs.  Yet it's fair to say that the campaign hasn't had the impact it might have done. 

"Last year, we decided to change tack and play to our strengths, and launched our Tripe Dog competition."

Ralph, who featured in a TMB campaign last year, was one of over 60 dogs who put himself forward to be the canine face of tripe in last year's contest. 

The campaign involved posters being displayed in the Bolton, Bury and Wigan areas on municipal park fences, lamp posts and traffic lights after research suggested dog owners responded well to pictures of dogs on posters in precisely those places.

Entries for Tripe Dog 2014 can be 'tweeted' to the TMB's Twitter account @TripeUK, using the 'hashtag' #TripeDog2014.

Tripe retailers are being advised to increase stocks as the campaign gathers momentum.

Sir Norman said: "Everyone loves dogs.  Dogs love tripe.  We're hoping people will make the connection and that they'll come to love tripe themselves."

1 comment:

  1. Patch Herbert should have won. She was robbed. Will never eat tripe again!