5 August 2014

TMB suspends intern pending inquiry outcome

The Tripe Marketing Board tonight suspended one of its interns working in the board's  Communications department, following allegations that she had been using Twitter to re-tweet old messages rather than composing new ones.

The TMB's Twitter Account
In a statement issued this afternoon, chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I understand that some of the tweets were over two years old.  From what I saw, they weren't even our better ones. Whilst most people will not have noticed, some of our more loyal Twitter followers might think we are scraping the barrel somewhat".

The unnamed intern - a graduate in marketing and applied dressmaking from the University of Wigan -  has appealed against the decision and Sir Norman has set up an internal inquiry to establish  the facts.  The TMB's Twitter account is close to reaching 5,000 followers, thought by many social media experts to be a 'critical mass'.

Sir Norman apologised on behalf of the board  and said he hoped it had not impacted too severely on people's perception of tripe.  "I would like to assure people that we're not in the business of re-hashing and repeating our work.  We're not the BBC, after all.  We're the Tripe Marketing Board," he said.

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