23 August 2014

TMB to visit Wigan as part of autumn sales campaign

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced that it will once again be visiting its spiritual homeland as part of its autumn sales campaign.

The TMB's popular Men In White will be appearing alongside chairman Sir Norman Wrassle and other board members at the fourth annual Diggers' Festival in Wigan on Saturday 13 September, and Sir Norman has issued an invitation to tripe lovers and those who are merely tripe-curious to come along to meet the team.

   Speaking from his Lytham home last night, Sir Norman said: "I know there are many - particularly those who follow us in the social media - who question the very existence of the TMB and who have even accused us of being a 'spoof'.  Occasions like those on 13 September give us a chance to prove that we are indeed very real."

The Men In White are the shock troops of the Tripe Marketing Board. This  crack team of former male models and butchers regularly take to the streets of unsuspecting Lancashire towns in their distinctive white butcher’s coats and smart white trilbies inviting busy shoppers to take the Tripe Taste Challenge.

They also make unannounced visits to tripe stalls and butchers to check on the quality of their produce and award the prestigious TMB Seal of Approval to those which meet their rigorous standards for the highest quality tripe. 

Sir Norman said: "It's always a pleasure attending the Diggers' Festival as Wigan is the spiritual home of our fine product and the festival itself attracts a large number of vegetarians and vegans so it's a chance for us to hone our marketing strategies. The Men In White will be kissing dogs, stroking babies and trying to shift as many copies of the Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral as is humanly possible. 

"They will also be encouraging people to celebrate World Tripe Day on October 24 and asking them to help make 2015 the Year of Tripe." 

The Diggers' Festival celebrates the life and ideas of Wigan born and bred Gerrard Winstanley and the 17th Century Diggers (True Leveller) Movement. For more information about the festival click here.

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  1. I was once in a pub in York and there was a member of the TMB doing a fantastic selling job on some unsuspecting locals. It was sheer poetry!!! :-)