12 August 2014

Towel or Tripe?

The Tripe Marketing Board's latest poster campaign 'Towel or Tripe?' launches this week after successful trials in Bolton.

Speaking at the launch event in Preston this lunchtime, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "Our marketing advisers tell us that a post-ironic approach is by far  the best way to promote tripe, and this latest push follows on from our hugely successful Tripe: Loath it Hate it campaign in 2012."

The campaign, which will run at selected bus stops across the north west, plays on a popular misconception that tripe looks, tastes and feels like a towel.  "Once people stop to think about it for a moment, they'll realise how ridiculous it is to suggest that tripe feels like a towel!" Sir Norman said.

The campaign is aimed at revitalising sales in what is traditionally a slow summer period for tripe, and tripe retailers were advised to order more stock in anticipation of an increase in orders.

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