19 August 2014

UK comedians challenged to promote tripe

The Tripe Marketing Board today threw down the gauntlet to comedians across the country to reclaim their traditional role of promoting tripe.

Sir Norman Wrassle
The move came after Wigan academic and expert in tripe Professor Richard Hawkins published the results of his ten year study into the role of tripe in comedy.  Speaking at a press conference organised by the TMB this afternoon, Professor Hawkins said:  "There has been a marked decline in tripe being the butt of jokes by comedians, in stark contrast to the heyday of the 1930s, when almost every music hall act and stage comedian made repeated reference to it."

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle challenged comedians across the land to re-instate tripe into its rightful place as the King of Comedy Foodstuffs.  "Professor Hawkins' previous work has shown that the public already think tripe is funnier than bananas, kippers or cheese strings, so there's really no excuse," he said.

In congratulating Professor Hawkins on his study, Sir Norman said: "We know from private polling that merely mentioning tripe during a stage act does wonders to pique the interest of an audience - as well as making them laugh.  In our experience, if you make people laugh there's a high chance you'll be able to pop a piece of tripe in there too."

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  1. I used to work the northern clubs with my flat cap, socks n sandals combo. Not busy at the moment, maybe I could promote your flavoursome offel ? Yours, Norbert Seriously