27 September 2014

Hasty is "not true to tripe" says TMB chair

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today dismissed TMB board member Maurice Hasty's defection to British Spleen as a "publicity stunt".

Maurice Hasty
Speaking at the annual luncheon of the Chorley Womens' League, Sir Norman said: "Maurice has shown his true colours by jumping ship earlier today.  Whatever his motives, he has demonstrated that he is not true to tripe".

Sir Norman stressed that he felt no personal animosity towards Mr Hasty, who was quite entitled to favour spleen over tripe if that was his genuine opinion, but he was "wounded and hurt" at comments made in an interview in this month's Offal Monthly in which Maurice had described tripe as "Yesterday's food".

"We're 'Yesterday's food, today'. That is quite a different thing to spleen, which is 'Yesterday's food, yesterday'," Sir Norman said.

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