5 September 2014

History of Tripe on Radio 4

Tripe lovers across Britain and the world are being advised to tune into BBC Radio 4 on Sunday to learn more about the part tripe has played in the cultural and food history of the UK.

Presenter Dan Saladino sets out to re-trace the footsteps of the legendary Derek Cooper who first charted the role tripe played in the development of the Yorkshire psyche in 1974.

The programme will be broadcast at 12.30pm on Sunday 7 September and is repeated on Monday 8 September at 3.30pm as a concession to those who dislike tripe and might otherwise be put off their Sunday lunch.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Tripe Marketing Board chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "I want to commend this programme to all those who love tripe.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to hear a preview, but I hope it brings the story bang up-to-date and that listeners aren't left with the impression that tripe sales are declining.  It is important to stress that they are not but, if they are, they are declining at a much slower rate than they would otherwise be without the work of agencies such as ours.  The last thing we want is some politician in Westminster thinking we're a prime candidate to be culled as part of some misguided 'efficiency savings' exercise".

Sir Norman said it was unfortunate that Dr Derek J Ripley's seminal work on the history of tripe, A Brief History of Tripe, was not yet ready for publication, as this would have aided Mr Saladino in his research.  "I understand from Dr Ripley that it is not far off being ready, but he is just checking some of the facts before presenting it to the board for their consideration," Sir Norman said.

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