7 September 2014

TMB hails success of "weekend of tripe"

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman today hailed a weekend of tripe in the UK's media as a huge success after popular TV chef Gino D'Acampo sampled the historic Italian speciality of lampredotto on his Gino's Italian Escape: A Taste of the Sun programme shown on ITV on Friday and  BBC Radio 4's Food Programme featured an homage to tripe in Yorkshire, earlier today. 

Lampredotto is a popular Florentine street food made from cow's stomach, and Gino appeared to enjoy his tasting, despite his initial apprehension.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Sir Norman said: "Gino is an attractive TV personality and it will have done tripe no harm at all for the public to witness him relishing the dish."  But he warned against an impression created in the Food Programme that tripe sales were flourishing:  "It would be quite wrong to suggest that the modest success we've had in recent years means we should take our foot from the throttle.  Here at the TMB we will be redoubling our efforts to promote tripe," he said. 

Sir Norman said he was "mildly encouraged" by the reception given to the TMB's new book, Tales from the Till by Bill Cawley, which will be formally launched next weekend.  "Our publishing arm has previously focused almost exclusively on publishing books that mention tripe quite a lot," he said, "but focus groups have demonstrated that this may not be our best tactic."  Pre-launch sales of Tales from the Till showed that people had an appetite for reading books that only subliminally reference tripe, and the TMB would be studying tripe sales carefully to see what impact the new book might have.

Responding to critics who have accused the TMB of trying to force people to eat tripe,  Sir Norman said: "We're not saying everyone should be eating tripe every day - that would be ridiculous.  Once a week would be enough to stimulate sales".

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