3 September 2014

TMB publishes 99% tripe-free book

Tales from the Till
The Tripe Marketing Board has taken the unusual step of publishing its first relatively tripe-free book.

Tales from the Till brings together over 300 wry observations, witty anecdotes and social comments penned by supermarket checkout operator Bill Cawley.  Described as a 'one-man Mass Observation survey', it offers a unique insight into life in Britain in the early 21st century.

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I know there will be many in the tripe industry who are surprised at this move, but we have it on good authority that books which only mention tripe two or three times can stimulate sales of our product.

Bill Cawley
"It seems that people only have to see the word 'tripe' and it unlocks something in their subconscious."

Welcoming Bill Cawley to the stable of TMB books, Sir Norman said: "Bill has an impressive and engaging style.  Even though he barely mentions tripe, I commend this book to you."

Tales from the Till is also available on Kindle for people who don't like books or who would prefer to pay only £2.99.  It will be launched at the Wigan Diggers Festival on 13 September.

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