30 September 2014

Tripe is safe says TMB chairman

The Tripe Marketing Board has welcomed informal assurances that it would not be classified as an 'extremist' organisation for the purposes of the Government's proposed clampdown on the social media.
Subliminal message

Speaking at a fringe meeting at the Conservative Party's annual conference in Birmingham earlier this evening, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was pleased that common sense had prevailed.  "I know there are some who think it is extreme to advocate that people should eat the stomach of a cow, but an outright ban of our use of social media to promote tripe would have been a step too far," he told an audience of offal industry analysts. 

Sir Norman promised that the Tripe Marketing Board would be 'toning down' its promotional messages on Twitter and Facebook.  "We've learned a lot over the last seven years, hence our decision to publish a book that has only three references to tripe.  We have high hopes that the latest publication by TMB Books - Tales From the Till - will plant a subliminal message in the minds of readers to give tripe a try," he said.

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