12 September 2014

'Tripe-Lite' may be way forward for tripe industry says TMB chairman

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has hailed a new dawn for tripe, after results from the first few days of the TMB's 'tripe-lite' strategy showed an increase in sales.

Tripe-Lite - a new dawn for tripe?
"This is a new departure for us. We've been deliberately not mentioning tripe very much at all over the last few days and it seems to be paying dividends in terms of sales figures," Sir Norman said.  He was speaking at a meeting of the Parbold Ladies' Luncheon Club, ahead of tomorrow's visit by the TMB to Wigan.

Last week, the TMB's publishing arm, TMB Books, launched Tales from the Till by Bill Cawley, which mentions tripe only three times.  Sir Norman said that sales of both the print and Kindle version of the book had been "encouraging" and that it spelled "a new way forward for tripe".

Research by TMB Books suggested that merely mentioning tripe in passing was enough to pique people's interest.  "We don't have to stuff tripe down people's throats - we can let them discover it and savour it in myriad ways," Sir Norman told his audience.

Bill Cawley recently discussed his book on BBC Radio Cumbria, when he dismissed suggestions that his contractual obligation to mention tripe had hindered his writing, and he is due to appear on BBC Radio Stoke over the weekend.  Mr Cawley, who works in a supermarket in Leek, Staffordshire will be signing copies of his book at Wigan tomorrow.

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