24 October 2014

Happy World Tripe Day!

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today begins a busy schedule of personal appearances to celebrate World Tripe Day.

Sir Norman Wrassle
Following visits to tripe retailers in the so-called 'Tripe Triangle' of Bury, Bolton and Blackburn, Sir Norman will move on to Accrington Market, where he will announce the winner of Tripe Dog 2014 - the TMB's keenly-contested quest to find the canine face of tripe for 2014.  In a simultaneous link-up with local radio, the results will also be available live at 1pm today.

Sir Norman said he was looking forward to the day ahead.  "When I first mooted the idea of an international observance day for tripe ten years ago, my colleagues in the offal industry said it could never happen.  Well, we beat heart, liver and spleen to it by a long chalk!  I hope everyone has an enjoyable day.  And that they buy some tripe, obviously".

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