31 October 2014

Proposed Restrictions Will Harm Tripe Sales

Proposals by the offal industry regulator, OffOffal to restrict the use of social media by limiting the time of day when pictures of raw meat can be promoted threaten to undermine the growing support for tripe, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told a meeting of food business analysts yesterday.

Raw tripe - 'beautiful'
The proposals, which would allow pictures of raw liver to be tweeted any time between 8am and 8pm, but would restrict tripe to a narrow period from 3pm to 4pm on weekdays and any time after midnight until 6am, are part of a package of measures which OffOffal says will 'protect potential consumers' and provide a 'level playing field to all offal producers'.

Sir Norman said: "These are draconian measures - a sledgehammer aimed at tripe.  In the seven years we have been tweeting pictures of tripe - both raw and cooked - we have had fewer than 400  complaints and we abide by our own Tripe Code of Social Media Conduct". 

He went on to say it was unfair that tripe was being unfairly singled-out and suggested tougher action on spleen, heart and lungs:  "Raw tripe is actually quite beautiful.  I hope there will be a strong lobby to resist these proposals".

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