29 October 2014

TMB Apologises For Tripe Baby Picture

The Tripe Marketing Board has apologised to its social media followers after it Tweeted a picture of a 'fake' poster purporting to advertise a 'Win The Weight of Your Baby in Tripe' contest from 1952.  The incident was made all the more embarrassing after the image was re-tweeted more than 700 times in less than 24 hours, making it the most popular tripe-based image on Twitter in the seven years since the TMB took to the social media platform.

Tripe poster a 'fake'
Communications officer Emily French said today: "We received the picture of the poster in all good faith from our resident historian Dr Derek J Ripley, who had been handed it whilst researching the history of tripe in Wigan.  However, as one or two observant people subsequently pointed out, text in the poster used the popular font Trebuchet, which was not invented until the 1990s". 

An intern working on the TMB's Twitter account was suspended yesterday afternoon following a brief investigation into the incident.  "I'm not sure what the motive behind this prank was, unless it was the work of a militant vegan keen to discredit the work of the TMB," chairman Sir Norman told the Wigan Daily Express in an interview late last night.

Sir Norman said he was disappointed that Dr Ripley had not researched the poster more carefully.  "If Derek had paused to reflect for even a second, he would have realised that the Wigan Daily Mail did not in fact take over the sponsorship of the contest until 1956, and he might have smelled a rat," he said.

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