9 October 2014

TMB appoints first US Regional Director

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today announced the appointment of the TMB's first US Regional Director, Mr Matt Bennett.

Mr Matt Bennett
Mr Bennett is an accomplished chef at the Sybaris Bistro, considered by many as one of the finest restaurants in the Willamette Valley in Oregan.

Announcing the appointment, Sir Norman said: "We are delighted to welcome Mr Bennett to our board. As we approach World Tripe Day later this month, this marks a signal that tripe is a dish that is making a comeback not only in the north west of England, but also in the north east of America.  I look forward to adding Oregan to my itinerary of fact-finding tours sometime in the near future".

Mr Bennett said he was pleased to be appointed and would shortly be unveiling a new tripe dish that would take the Willamette Valley by storm.

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  1. Wonderful news, welcome Mr Bennett. Are you by any chance related to the famous tycoon Gordon Bennett?