22 October 2014

TripeDog 2014 reaches its climax

The Tripe Marketing Board's Tripe Dog 2014 Grand Final takes place on Thursday, 23 October 2014, with the results being announced the following day on World Tripe Day, and TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has advised tripe retailers to order extra stocks in anticipation of increased demand.

There can only be one Tripe Dog 2014
Sir Norman said: "There has been huge interest in Tripe Dog 2014.  Over 120 dogs entered the contest, and it's all come down to two!"

Voting will take place online via the TMB's website from 8am tomorrow and polls will close at 8pm. Results will be announced at 1pm on Friday, 24 October on BBC Radio.

Sir Norman was speaking after his return from a brief trip to the United States. where he was interviewed by the LA Times to promote World Tripe Day.  "It was very much a case of 'hands across the ocean'.  Tripe is very popular in parts of the USA, and it was exciting to share our plans with tripe lovers over there," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman confirmed that Tripe Dog finalists would no longer be required to take part in a 'dance-off', following complaints that last year's final was demeaning for the participants.

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