13 October 2014

World Tripe Day 2014

Preparations are underway to mark the 2nd annual World Tripe Day, which takes place on Friday 24 October 2014.

Local restaurants and gastro pubs are gearing up for what promises to be a bigger and better than ever celebration of tripe, and tripe retailers have been advised to stock up in anticipation of increased demand from the general tripe-buying public.

Speaking at a press conference in Chorley earlier today, Sir Norman Wrassle said: "Last year's inauguration was a huge success and tripe is now firmly planted in the diaries and calendars of thousands of tripe lovers all over the globe.  Initiatives such as our TripeDog 2014 contest and our decision to reduce the price across our range of popular tripe books have all helped to contribute to what we are calling The Move to Tripe".

Poets, musicians and writers are all playing a role in the build-up to the day.  Tripe Poet Laureate Jonathan Humble recited extracts from his The Tripe Hound Of Little Ormstonmere to the audience of Radio 4's Saturday Live programme at the weekend, whilst Dr Derek Ripley put the finishing touches to his research for the Tripe Marketing Board's 2015 Diary.

Sir Norman made special mention of Bill Cawley, author of TMB Books' Tales From The Till, who is due to appear on Radio 4's Counterpoint on Monday 20 October in a bid to reach the semi-final. "I wish Mr Cawley well in his quest. His book is part of our new 'tripe lite' strategy.  More and more people are discovering that it is possible not just to like tripe, but to love it - even if they aren't queuing up to eat it," he said. 

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