4 November 2014

New face at the TMB

Professor Paul Salveson
The Tripe Marketing Board yesterday appointed Professor Paul Salveson as its latest board member.

Professor Salveson has spent most of his working life with trains and in 2009 was awarded an MBE by HM The Queen 'for services to the railway industry'.

He describes himself as a 'devo-lefty' committed to home rule for the North and regards the promotion of good, wholesome Northern food as vital to a radical political agenda.  In accepting the appointment, Professor Salveson said "For too long tripe has been the subject of ridcule by London-based politicians and journalists. It's time to restore tripe to its rightful place on the dinner table of all right-thinking Northerners".

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said he was delighted to welcome Professor Salveson aboard. "We have often been accused of being a little 'Lancashire-centric', but this latest appointment brings the number of Yorkshire-born or resident board members to three.  Our Honorary President, Martin McEvoy, also hails from those parts.  Tripe is an equal opportunity foodstuff and it just goes to show that even people over the other side of the Pennines can play their part in promoting it".

Sir Norman said he would be announcing further appointments in the coming weeks as tripe extended its reach around the globe.  "We're not afraid to embrace change.  In fact, we even have a female vegetarian and Scottish vegan on the board. I don't think even the Egg Marketing Board went that far," he said.

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