19 November 2014

New Face at the TMB

Katrina Murphy
The Tripe Marketing Board has announced the appointment of its latest board member, Katrina Murphy.  

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "This appointment gives the lie to those who claim the TMB is too male dominated and too heavily focused on promoting tripe in the northern hemisphere.  We know that tripe is very much appreciated in Australia  - in fact, one of the world's biggest producers of tripe in the media has its roots there".   

Katrina consults to employer and professional association clients about industrial relations matters, workplace investigations and Human Resources. "I'm particularly interested in testing the effectiveness of serving hot tripe at enterprise bargaining meetings instead of the usual chocolate biscuits and Minties," she said.

Sir Norman said he was actively considering appointing more women to the board, particularly from areas that are tradtionally under-represented such as London, Wales and the Home Counties.  He said: "The TMB is the most progresssive meat-based marketing board in the world.  I could easily forsee a woman chairman sometime within the next 20 years."

He went on to add: "The publication of our 2015 Diary has certainly piqued people's interest in tripe and I am anticipating more board applications from women. I'm determined to see that tripe smashes the glass ceiling - though perhaps not in St Helens".

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  1. '...tripe in the media...' Wonderful!