16 November 2014

TMB Books moves into profit

TMB Books - the publishing arm of the Tripe Marketing Board - today moved into profit for the first time since it was established over two years ago.

Basil Chambers, Chief Finance Officer
Head of publishing at TMB Books, Doreen Gray said: "This is an historic day for us.  Sometime around about 2pm this afternoon, somebody bought a copy of Tales from the Till and a 2015 Tripe Marketing Board Diary via Amazon, the online retailer.  At the same time, we received an order for the Diary direct from our website.  Those three sales together were enough to push us into profit".  Ms Gray said it had been a difficult two years of trading for TMB Books, but there were signs that people were starting to appreciate the imprint's output.

The TMB's Chief Finance Officer, Mr Basil Chambers, said he welcomed the news, but cautioned against over-optimism. "While this is obviously good news, we have to remember that most people don't read books these days.  I'd like to see the TMB diversify into other media where tripe can make a mark - perhaps a Christmas single?"

Speaking from his Lytham home, where he had interrupted a family christening, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "This gives the lie to those who say tripe is 'yesterday's food'.  More and more people are looking afresh at tripe and asking themselves 'Why not?'  I'd like to thank all those 'early adopters' who have bought - and sometimes even read - our books."

Sir Norman went on to congratulate the staff who worked in TMB Books:  "There's no doubt that our strategy is starting to work. If we can persuade people to read a tripe book, it's just a small step to persuading them to try tripe. I sense we are turning the corner," he said.

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