25 November 2014

TMB denies 'stupid, sweaty little git' jibe

The Tripe Marketing Board has hit back at radical vegans who have accused it of using the newly-published TMB 2015 Diary as a 'thinly disguised attempt to persuade vegans to eat tripe'.

Vegan Monthly, November 2014 (Pic R Lupton)
The accusations were made in the December 2014 edition of Vegan Monthly, who had been invited to attend the launch party for the 2015 Diary last Friday, in what TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said was intended to be a friendly gesture designed to re-assure vegans that tripe came in peace.

Speaking at a hastily-convened press conference in Preston last night, Sir Norman said: "I can't pretend I'm not disappointed by the way they've chosen to cover the launch.  It's no secret that we have a lot of vegetarian followers on Twitter, and in fact we're the only meat-based marketing board in Europe with a vegan board member".

Sir Norman, who was unable to attend the launch event at Liverpool's Hot Water Comedy Club himself due to a prior engagement in Blackpool, said he hoped the coverage would not put vegans off buying the 2015 Diary.  He dismissed claims that the TMB's finance officer Mr Basil Chambers had called the photographer 'a stupid, sweaty little git'.  "That isn't the kind of language Mr Chambers normally uses and unless someone unearths a tape or something I am happy to deny he ever said such a thing," he said.

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