17 November 2014

TMB Index of Tripe Prices

The Tripe Marketing Board has issued an Index of Tripe Prices, following requests from people outside of the UK about how much they should be paying for tripe.

The ITP is based on the current cost of purchasing the Tripe Marketing Board's 2014 Annual Report & Accounts on Kindle, which was issued yesterday at a press conference by Sir Norman Wrassle, TMB chairman. "Now that they merely have to click on the link below to access our Annual Report, we hope this will make it easier for people across the world to buy tripe," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman confirmed that 20% of proceeds from the sale of the TMB's Annual Report were pledged to the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society.


 R$ 7,78
 CDN$ 3.37
 EUR 2,68
 EUR 2,68
 EUR 2,68
 ¥ 348
 EUR 2,68
 EUR 2,68

The Annual Report & Accounts of the TMB is also available in the TMB's 2015 Diary, which is available in print form.

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