16 November 2014

TMB publishes 2014 Annual Report & Accounts

The Tripe Marketing Board has taken the unusual step of issuing its 2014 Annual Report & Accounts on Kindle, the online publishing platform for people who don't like books.

The TMB 2014 Annual Report
TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "We believe we are the first meat-based marketing board to issue our Annual Report in this way.  The results of a focus group held earlier this year suggested that readership of annual reports in the meat industry was declining.  Here at the TMB, we like to think we are one step ahead of our competitors, so we have decided to make our 2014 Annual Report available to anyone across the world via the medium of Kindle".  

Sir Norman said that, up until now, anyone looking for annual reports on Kindle had an extremely restricted choice.  "I was looking the other day, and all I could find for 2014 was the Annual Report of the World Bank, which I think most people would find rather dry.  At least now, there's an alternative available."

The TMB Annual Report and Accounts for 2014 were also available in the 2015 Tripe Marketing Board Diary, which is available in print form from Amazon or direct from TMB Books. "A lot of people tell us they don't use diaries any more because they don't have a social life, so at least if they read our Annual Report on Kindle they'll be able to keep up to date with all that's happening in the world of tripe," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman defended the decision to charge people £1.93 for the Annual Report by pointing to the higher prices charged by competitors. "This is less than the cost of a caramel macchiato at Starbucks," he said.  He went on to assure tripe lovers that the report represented excellent value for money, and said: "We believe it will give people much more enjoyment.  What's more, we will be paying all appropriate taxes on any profits".

Addendum: The World Index of Tripe Prices is available here.  

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