10 November 2014

TMB seeks new legal advisers

The Tripe Marketing Board has terminated its contract with YGB Law for legal services, following what chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said was their "dilatory and disappointing" approach.

YGB Law had been asked by the TMB to prepare a case against TV cook and bakery contest judge, Paul Hollywood over comments he made about tripe in 2012.

Independent on Sunday, 5 August 2012
In the interview, Mr Hollywood had compared tripe to eating a condom and described it as 'truly revolting'.

After almost two years of work, YGB Law said it would be impossible for the TMB to bring a case for reputational damage, suggesting that the reputation of tripe was already so low as to make such an action untenable.

Sir Norman said the TMB would be casting its net widely in the search for new legal advisers. "We've been working hard to restore tripe's reputation and we truly believed we were at the point when legal action against Mr Hollywood would succeed," he said in a statement issued this afternoon. Sir Norman went on to say "I'm not entirely ruling out a joint action with the British Association of Flavoured Prophylactic Manufacturers, who I know also found Mr Hollywood's comments unhelpful".

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