26 November 2014

Tripe Christmas

The Tripe Marketing Board yesterday unveiled its Christmas TV advertising campaign, which will air on carefully selected cable channels in towns across the north west in the run-up to the festive season.

Speaking at the launch event in Preston, TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "This year, we've gone for something a little edgier than our usual fare.  Nonetheless, I hope it will give John Lewis and Sainsbury's a run for their money".

The ad (Tripe Christmas) features a re-working of a classic Christmas song refreshed and performed by the Liverpool Socialist Singers.  Nigel Peggotty, co-director of the creative agency Bootle Boggle Peggotty who created the advert, said: "Our focus groups showed that people are getting fed up with the usual tripe they get at Christmas, so it was important we found a fresh way to promote the product".

Sir Norman denied suggestions from a reporter from Offal Monthly that Michael Buble had turned down approaches from the TMB to appear in the ad. "While it's true Mr Buble did feature on our initial shortlist, we never actually got as far as talking to his agent," he said.

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